SCSS Compiling

In addition the other great features, FlintCMS also compiles your SCSS to CSS for you. The functionality is totally customizable:

const Flint = require('flintcms');

const flintServer = new Flint({
  scssEntryPoint: 'main.scss', // The entry point from where you'll import your other SCSS files
  scssPath: 'scss', // The folder that stores your SCSS files
  scssIncludePaths: ['node_modules', 'scss'] // List of directories to enable `@import` from


scssEntryPoint can be set to false, which will disable the whole compiling system. It’s default is main.scss, so if you structure your directories like the following diagram, you can just write your CSS no problem!

├── scss/
│   ├── main.scss
│   ├── variables.scss
│   └── mixins.scss

And your main.scss file could look something like this:

@import 'variables';
@import 'mixins';

// Start using your variables/mixins!
body { background-color: $my-color-variable; }

// Want to import an npm package's SCSS? Cool!
// As long as `node_modules` is in your `scssIncludePaths` setting, it just works.
@import 'bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss';

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